Felix Leo Campos

Born and raised on “La Calle Cien” (East 100th Street) in New York’s El Barrio, Félix Leo Campos is a Nuyorrican independent television & video producer. He created AfterDark CATV PRO as a media arts organizations that has, since 1994 produced programs promoting the marginalized and ethnic minority communities of NYC on the electronic media by creating live events, media content for TV and the web.

His first program (A.C.E.S.: Arts, Culture, Entrepreneurs – education, & Services) aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, MNN, in November of 1987 and ran as a weekly series until 1991. Other productions include REBEL MEDIA and NOCHES DEL CAFÉ on P.E.G. (Public  Education, & Government) Access TV. His media background also includes working in at Solomon Smith Barney’s media department, B.E.T., and other commercial production companies and outfits. He has also worked in the NYC Public School system in its Bilingual Education, Special Education, and Special Bilingual Education, programs.

He graduated from Hebert H. Lehman College with a Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Puerto Rican Studies and English: Professional Studies. He also has Master Degree course work from Hunter College and CCNY in both Anthropology and Bilingual Special Education and was accepted into the Charles Revson Fellow at Columbia University, 2002. NYC Assembly Speaker Peter Vallone has recognized Félix Leo Campos’ leadership this year, 2001, when he served as President of Image/Imagen de Nueva York. He is also the recipient of Hispanic Magazine’s “Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year 2001” Award.

Currently he is working on a documentary on fatherhood that elaborates on the undisclosed experiences of fathers facing family legal issues called “¡MEN ARE PARENTS, TOO!” and is actively seeking sponsors, investors, and supporters.

In addition to his position and work in fatherhood advocacy, Félix Leo Campos is also a founding member of the Julia de Burgos Arts Alliance, a grass root group formed to maintain the local Puerto Rican & Latino’s community’s place in the management of the cultural center.

He is also a founding member of La Fortaleza, a cultural maintenance project featuring Arts & Culture as its engine for economic development while preserving the Latino identity and the Boricua heritage of El Barrio. Since 2012, La Fortaleza has presented film, literacy & literature festivals, and the HERspanic Achievement Celebration, a personalized award ceremony where ticket buyers, not judges, chose who to honor.

He is available for public speaking engagements and interviews.