NOCHES del Café



NOCHES del Café is an entertainment series intended for both television and internet distribution. It tours urban neighborhoods in search of local venues that feature live performances, art exhibitions, and other cultural and entertainment activities.

Featured segments of the show include a tour of the neighborhood, interviews with artists, shop keepers and patrons, scenes of live events and performances and children-centric events. Viewers will be treated to rich ethnic history of the area via its residents, architecture, local cuisine, points of touristic interest, information on business development and the artistic & cultural life of the neighborhood.

Tour a neighborhood like you’ve never toured a neighborhood before. Get yourself acquainted and acculturated like you wouldn’t of imagined possible and learn about a people, their culture, and expressions in way you would have otherwise missed. Your support helps us to reinforce local development by  showcasing local talents and their exhibition and performance spaces as attractions that uplift the economy.

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