Rebel Media

Rebel Media Opening LoGoREBEL MEDIA is a 28-minute news-magazine that offers a local perspective on global news, current events and culture, presenting viewpoints seldom covered in the U.S. media.  It achieves this by covering U.S. domestic issues on a national and neighborhood basis, and then showing their connection to global affairs. The program offers a mix of original segments hosted by Felix Leo Campos, Taleigh Smith, Robert Waddell and Ismael Nuñez.

In addition to producing original segments, REBEL MEDIA also provides diverse perspectives on world events by rebroadcasting presentations of other nations’ newscasts. Through these personal stories, REBEL MEDIA tries to humanize the ‘other’ and counter the tendency to make enemies out of the unknown.

REBEL MEDIA can be seen on public access stations and on the web here and at [YOUTUBE] and [BLIP.TV].

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